Embed Trustpilot Reviews on a Website

Follow these three easy steps to present your brand authentic and reliable

1. Collect positive reviews on Trustpilot

Sell goods on a world leading reselling website. Get amazing feedback and share it with the world.

2. Add the reviews to Trustpilot widget

Copy source code and paste it to the required field. You’ll see people’s comments right away.

3. Add widget to the website

You’ll get just 2 lines of code. Copy and paste them to the template of your website.

Create Trsutpilot Reviews widget and embed it in any website builder

Select a template and give it the perfect look in simple visual editor

Trustpilot Reviews make the difference

Here are the key features of the widget which make them what they are

Numerous creative templates

No matter whether you have designing skills or not, with this widget you’ll need to choose design and slightly customize it.

Automatic review collecting

If you get more and more new positive reviews, they’ll automatically appear in the widget on your website. You’ll have to do nothing manually.

Professional support

Drop us a line if any questions with installation or customization appear. Our people will be glad to answer quickly and accurately.

Cloud app

AliExpress Reviews is a cloud solution. It means we update it on servers and every time you get the freshest version of it.


After adding a review widget to the website, you’ll get a fine bonus: a star rating on the search result page.

Moderation with filters

Choose only five-star reviews with filters. Website visitors will only see the best testimonials on your gorgeous handicrafts.

There’s so much more in the widget!

Intelligent color scheme generator
Custom CSS field
Affiliate Program
Sign up to test all perks!

Use case

By putting customer reviews to the website you can achieve amazing results in revenue. We’ve heard many success stories, here’s one of them.

Michael sells mountain bikes, loves speed and high rocks. Thousands of people share his passion and give his business a good feedback on Trustpilot.

He was always great at attracting a lot of visitors with the help of YouTube video blog. Hundreds of users read his blog on a website, as well. All the bikes and other goods are quite popular, and these pages never suffered from a lack of visits.

  • People were afraid to buy from my store, because there were no true reviews on it. I added testimonials which my loyal customers gave to my products, but this just made things a little bit better.
  • I knew that our Trustpilot reviews were stunning. They were magnificent! They might have helped to improve the situation, but when I learned that the only way to add them is via API, I was terrified. I never knew any coding, and was about giving up.
  • All of a sudden I learned about this review widget, tried to create it, and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. By just copying and pasting I added it to a website and started showing reviews right away.

The widget increased online purchases by 13%!

  • I saw a significant boost in leads and site visits. People started to spend far more time on the website, pausing for a few seconds to read reviews. The scroll and click map demonstrates this.
  • Furthermore, e-commerce transactions and revenues increased by 24%. This suggests that prior customer experience is important to customers, and they base their purchase decisions on it.


Want to have such results? Install Trustpilot Reviews on a website


Yes, without a doubt! You may utilize the screen view option in the upper right of the editor to verify how the reviews appear on different devices. You’ll notice that the reviews slider appears great on all devices, including mobile phones and desktop computers.

Yes, the review moderation feature is accessible. You may choose just reviews with a specific rating, such as only 5-star reviews. They’ll instantly show in your widget on your website after you obtain them from Trustpilot.

There are presently 28 sources supported by the plugin: Arbnb, AliExpress, Amazon, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Booking, Capterra, DealerRater, eBay, Edmunds, Etsy, Facebook, G2, Google Place, Google Customer, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, OpenTable, Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Vrbo, Yelp, and Zillow. There will be even more after a while. Find yours, combine them all in one feed and design them the way you wish!

Yes, you will! After publishing the widget on your website, star rating will appear in SERP as well.

We have even more for you.

This widget includes 25+ review platforms. Find yours and unite them all in the review feed.


Ready to add Trustpilot Reviews to website?