How to Embed Google Reviews on a Website

Google is the world’s most popular search engine which supports its own promotional instruments. You might have heard about rich snippets that allow you to make your web pages more prominent in search results with some enhancements. Speaking about Google, there’s an opportunity to show a business card with customers’ reviews, as well as search results with stars.


Why do I Need Google Integration with a Website?

There are so many search results on Google, that every website owner wants his source to be notable and catchy. The best way to make your web source prominent is to show a Google rating. You will not only become noticeable, but also boost your business’ reputation and increase conversions.

If your customers eagerly share their feedback on Google My Business platform, it might be beneficial for you to place those reviews on your website straightforwardly. This easy and unobvious step will surely increase the credibility of your business. Positive Google reviews may increase your sales as they will favorably influence the buying decisions of your customers.

One can find any information on Google, and this is the first place we visit before buying from an unfamiliar brand. Google is the platform on which we look for recommendations, and if you have good feedback there, you should place Google Reviews on your website as soon as possible.

Newcomers will see that your loyal clients are so happy to buy from you that they even leave public feedback. “A lot of people make right decisions,” – we think unconsciously: that way our brain works. This effect is called social proof, and modern marketers use it in full swing.

Placing Google Reviews on a website will improve the overall SEO.

  • First of all, review presence covers more than 15% of the ranking algorithm, which makes your website appear higher in the search results. 
  • Secondly, people interact with this small detail, scroll through the slider, click to see the reviews in greater detail. It means they engage with the website and it’s a big plus in website ranking.
  • Eventually, website visitors usually stop at the review slider and spend much more time investigating its content. Time spent on a web source is one of the crucial metrics in website performance.

Hope, these arguments have convinced you that reviews are an essential part of a website. After you’ve decided to place them on web pages, it’s high time to learn the methods of review integration. Here you are!

How to embed Google Reviews on a website

You can only place Google Reviews with the help of special instruments called widgets. Google My Business doesn’t offer an opportunity to add reviews directly with its own instruments. Such widgets offer you a possibility to query reviews automatically to the website, you won’t have to collect and fetch them manually. with the help of a visual editor. 

The first reason why you should choose it is you will never need to code or have any programming skills. Google API is a complicated and confusing instrument, even for professional web developers. With the help of a widget you’ll forget about CSS and JavaScript, for you’ll do everything in a visual editor.

You can find tons of ready-made solutions by numerous developers on the Internet. How to choose the one for you? It should have only the most essential settings, beautiful appearance and should be easy to install.

Here’s how to add Google Reviews with the help of a widget:

  1. Choose a template with ready-to-use design.
  2. Customize it a little: paste your reviews’ URL, change font, layout, review card, and colors.
  3. Sign up and get an installation code after clicking ‘Add to website’.
  4. Create an HTML field in your website template or on a needed page.
  5. Paste your installation code there.
  6. That’s it! Be sure review installation is completed successfully!

Below is an example of a widget creation.

How to create a Google Reviews widget

Choose pre-made design

First, choose a template to your taste. You’ll be able to fully customize it further.

Include a hyperlink to your business

You’ll need to paste a URL to the required company into the source tab.

Adjust layout

Even if you’ve picked a pre-made design, you may always alter its design to enhance user experience. Go over to the editor and choose from a variety of layouts, including list, masonry, grid, carousel, and badge. You may set the content width, provide the section with a title, and modify the heading on this tab.

Make changes to the review parameters

All aspects of Google Reviews are included in the widget. You may switch any of them, and the number is only limited by your creativity. The following details can be edited or deleted: Author name, Author picture, Date, Rating, Review Source, and Author Name. You can also display long or short review text.

Make the widget's appearance unique

Don’t skimp on the quality of your widget. To begin, pick a color scheme that you like. You’ll be able to change both the dark and the light. Then you’ll need an accent color. You may also modify each widget element separately. For the title, header, and rating, Google review, navigation controls, and navigation controls, you may change the colors and fonts.

Control the way your reviews behave

Choose your review slider’s language and customize all of the control wording. The external links can be enabled or disabled. You may make external links open in a new tab if you choose the option to enable external connections. The widget’s built-in Schema markup is the cherry on top. It enables you to adorn your web address in SERP and present the stars in rich snippets, as we’ve already explained.

Use the Google API to include reviews to the website

For expert web developers, this method is ideal. The API is what allows regular web developers to have access to the reviews and add them to their websites. This strategy is great for web developers that have a lot of experience, and it’s never a good idea to use it if you don’t know how to code.


Customer service and brand trustworthiness are aided by reviews. When it comes to incorporating Google reviews on your website, there are two options. To begin, you may use a widget to add them: using a visual editor and in under a minute. This method is user-friendly and does not require any programming experience.

There’s also an API that may be used to query Google reviews on the website. It’s far more complex and time-consuming, which is why even experienced web developers seldom use it. JustReviews is always here to assist you, no matter whatever method you pick.

Ready to create and add Google Reviews to website?