How to Embed Amazon Reviews on a Website

Amazon reviews are highly important in building trust between sellers and buyers. You should not only present brand content on a website, but also show real testimonials and use cases.


Why do I need Amazon Reviews on a site?

If you sell goods on Amazon and get positive public feedback, it might be a great idea to fetch them on a website of your e-store, as well. Reviews are a part of User Generated Content, or UGC in short. It’s valuable for both brands and customers. Customers read product reviews, actual and constantly updated use cases written by current clients. Brands don’t have to spend much time on creating actual and trustworthy content.

What is more, social proof is a crucial criterion for new customers to make a purchase decision. They rely on the stories much more than on beautiful advertising. In return, by reading reviews, you see your current customers and can draw their portrait. This is important in creating the overall marketing strategy.

This is a truly win-win situation!

Moreover, by fetching Amazon Reviews to the website, you are able to get a star rating in Google Search Results. It means, you’ll have a brilliant opportunity to differ from competitors in SERP with a bright rich snippet.

After you’ve decided to add Amazon Reviews to the website, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s 1-2-3 easy to do.

Interesting fact: Amazon allows anyone to leave reviews on any products. Even if a purchaser acquired the item elsewhere, and not on Amazon. However, verified purchases have more weight and are presented higher than others.

How to add Amazon Reviews to the website

Amazon Review integration may seem difficult at first sight, especially if you choose to add star rating via Amazon API. There are several ways of embedding reviews on a website, and the easiest, fastest, and most qualitative one is creating an Amazon widget. Let’s look through all the methods, and you’ll select your favourite one for yourself.

Add Amazon Reviews with the help of a widget

You can create a feed of Amazon reviews by means of a visual editor. No CSS and JavaScript knowledge required. You’ll simply choose your favourite template, layout, accent color, slightly customize all the elements you like, and voila! – your Amazon Reviews slider will be ready!

Below, you can get acquainted with the process of embedding Amazon Reviews widget on a website:

  1. Choose the review template which goes best with your website design.
  2. Select layout: List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, or a Badge. Customize it as you wish.
  3. Pick the review style and decide which elements you would like to show: author name, picture, date, and How to Display Review Text.
  4. Adjust the design of your slider in a simple editor. Save the changes.
  5. Copy the installation code.
  6. Go to your website builder and find where you want to present the widget.
  7. Create a custom HTML code field there.
  8. Paste the installation code you’ve gained.
  9. You’ve got it! Integration was successful and Amazon Reviews will appear on your website as soon as this.

When you choose a widget, there’s an opportunity to customize it and add a lot of amazing settings in an intuitive visual editor. You’ll just mix and match all the sections, add and delete elements which seem essential to you. Below, you’ll find out what features the widget has.

Select a template

You can decide whether the widget should look small and neat, and choose a badge, a button, or a sidebar. There’s an opportunity to present the whole section with Amazon reviews on your website. You’ll have total freedom in doing it with Carousel, Grid, Masonry, and List. Of course, there are dark versions of these templates. They have a ready prepared color scheme with dark accents, which you can surely customize according to your taste.

Add a link to your product

On the source tab, you’ll need to paste a URL to the needed product.

Change layout

Even if you’ve chosen a ready-made template, you always have a chance to customize their appearance. Go to the editor where you’ll have several variants of layouts: list, masonry, grid, carousel, and badge. On this tab, you have an option to choose content width, give a title to the section and customize header.

Modify review settings

There are all the elements of Amazon Reviews added to the widget. They are all switchable, and their number is only limited by your imagination and will. Details which you can add or delete are the following: Author name, Author picture, Date, Rating, and Review Source. In addition, you can display long or short review text.

Personalize appearance

Don’t settle for less when creating your incredible widget. First, decide which color scheme you prefer. Dark and light are very basic, that’s why you’ll eagerly continue modifications. Accent color is what you’ll need next. Further, you might customize all the elements of the widget in turns. You can change colors and fonts of the title, header, rating, Amazon review, and navigation controls.

Regulate the behavior of your reviews

Choose the language of your review slider and configure all the control texts. You can enable as well as disable the external links. If you choose an option to enable external links, you can make them open in a new tab. The cherry on top is that the widget has a built-in Schema markup. We’ve already mentioned, it allows you to decorate your website link in SERP and show the stars in rich snippets.

Embed Reviews via Amazon API

This way goes great for professional web developers. API is what makes it possible for common web developers to have access to the reviews and fetch them to their websites. There are different types of Amazon APIs, such as Product, Reviews, and Keywords APIs. They allow you to query information about Amazon products, their descriptions, reviews and prices.

This method works best for those who are mature at web development, and is never an option for people without programming knowledge.


Reviews help enhance trustworthiness of the brand and customer service. There are two main methods of embedding Amazon Reviews on your website. First, you can add them with the help of a widget: with a visual editor and just in a minute. It doesn’t require any programming knowledge, and this way is user friendly.

There’s another way of querying Amazon reviews to the website – with the help of an API. It’s way more difficult and time-consuming, that’s why even professional web developers rarely resort to implementing it.

No matter what method you choose, JustReviews are always here to help.

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