How to Add AliExpress Reviews to a Website

Creating beautiful crafts yourself takes a lot of time and effort. If you sell them on Etsy and your own website, you might find it helpful to add reviews from Etsy directly to your pages. You can do it in mere seconds with the help of a zero-coding instrument called a widget.


What are the benefits of incorporating AliExpress Reviews?

Every website owner wants their source to stand out among the thousands of search results. Showing AliExpress ranks is the finest approach to make your site resources stand out. You’ll not only become more prominent, but your company’s reputation will improve, and conversions will rise.

It might be beneficial to put client reviews directly on your website if they wish to share them on AliExpress. This easy but not-so-obvious approach will significantly boost your company’s credibility. Positive AliExpress reviews can help you sell more since they affect your consumers’ purchasing decisions.

AliExpress widget, which we offer you to create, has all types of review info. Novices will notice that your regular customers are so pleased with their purchases that they provide public reviews. “A lot of people are making good judgments,” we automatically think, since that’s how our brain works. This phenomenon is known as social proof, and modern marketers make extensive use of it.

Adding AliExpress Reviews to a website will help it rank higher in search engines.

  • To begin with, review presence accounts for more than 15% of the ranking algorithm, resulting in your website appearing higher in the search results.
  • Second, users engage with this little feature by scrolling through the slider and clicking to examine the reviews in further depth. It indicates that they interact with the website, which is beneficial to its rating.
  • Visitors to the website generally come to a halt at the review slider and spend a significant amount of time analyzing its material. One of the most important indicators in website performance is time spent on an online source.

I hope that these reasons have persuaded you that reviews are an important component of any website. It’s time to discover how to integrate reviews into web pages now that you’ve opted to do so. Here we go!

How to add AliExpress Reviews to a website

Widgets are the best tools that can be used to put AliExpress Reviews. The first advantage is that you will never have to program or even have any programming knowledge. Even for experienced web developers, the AliExpress API is a difficult and perplexing tool. You may forget about CSS and JavaScript with the assistance of a widget since everything will be done in a visual editor.

What is the best way to make an AliExpress Reviews widget?

On the Internet, you may find a plethora of ready-made solutions created by a variety of developers. How do you pick the right one for you? It should just feature the most basic options, have a lovely appearance, and be simple to set up.

Here’s how you can use a widget to add AliExpress Reviews:

  1. Select a template that includes a ready-to-use design
  2. Change the font, layout, review card, and colors, then paste the URL of your reviews.
  3. After clicking ‘Add to website,’ you’ll receive an installation code.
  4. In your website template or on a required page, add an HTML field.
  5. There, paste your installation code.
  6. That’s it. Make sure the review integration went smoothly!
Below, is a brief guide on creating a widget and adding it to the website yourself without programming.

To begin, select a template that suits your preferences.

You’ll be able to completely modify it further.

Include a link to your profile

You must paste the appropriate company’s URL into the source tab.

Make changes to the layout

Even if you choose a pre-made design, you may always make changes to improve the user experience. Choose from a choice of layouts in the editor, including list, masonry, grid, carousel, and badge. On this tab, you may change the content width, give the section a title, and change the header.

Make adjustments to the parameters of the AliExpress review

The widget includes all components of AliExpress Reviews. Any of them may be swapped, and the number is only limited by your imagination. The following information can be changed or removed: Name of the author, photo of the author, date, rating, review source, and name of the author Long or short review text can also be shown.

Make the widget stand out from the crowd

Don’t scrimp on the widget’s quality. To begin, select a color scheme that appeals to you. Both the dark and the light will be adjustable. After that, you’ll require an accent color. You may also change each widget element individually. You may alter the colors and fonts for the title, header, rating, AliExpress review, navigation controls.

Have complete control over how your reviews behave

Customize all of the control phrases and the language of your review slider. The external AliExpress links can be turned on or off. If you select the option to enable external connections, external links will open in a new tab.

Use the AliExpress API

This strategy is appropriate for advanced web developers. Regular web developers may use the API to retrieve the reviews and incorporate them into their own websites. This method works well for experienced web developers, but it’s never a smart idea to utilize it if you don’t understand how to code.


Reviews help to improve customer service and brand reputation. There are two ways for including AliExpress reviews on your website. To begin, you may use a widget to add them in less than a minute, using a visual editor. This approach is simple to use and requires no prior programming knowledge.

On the website, there is also an API that may be used to query AliExpress reviews. Even skilled software developers hardly employ it since it is significantly more sophisticated and time-consuming. JustReviews is always available to help you, no matter whatever approach you choose.

Ready to create and add AliExpress Reviews to website?