How to Embed Trustpilot Reviews on a Website

People like to share their opinions on Trustpilot, for they know they’ll be heard in different parts of the world. Trustpilot is a reliable and honorable source of testimonials. If your business has great customer reviews there, it’ll be awesome to fetch them right to the website of yours.


Why do I need Trustpilot reviews on a website?

Publishing ratings from different sources on your own website has tons of advantages. First of all, it’s an example of social proof

When buying new products from an unfamiliar vendor, people are not sure whether they can rely on it. Every shop needs to assure its new customers that it’s trustworthy from the very first seconds of acquaintance. 

You might have noticed google places reviews appear over other search results, and this refers to all the kinds of testimonials on different platforms.

Having a great rating on Trustpilot gives tons of advantages over competitors. If you present reviews directly on a website, it’ll shorten the time between familiarization with your brand and purchase. Furthermore, you are able to attract new customers.

Secondly, people see others have purchased your items and were content with the result. Afterwards, our brain unconsciously makes a decision to give this product a try, because many people can’t be mistaken. It also makes us willing to be a part of a community of happy customers.

If you place a CTA in addition to Trustpilot reviews, you’ll attract even more good reviews and trust. Getting more feedback, you’ll be able to form a strategy and make your special brand even better.

How to embed Trustpilot reviews on a website

There are several main methods which you can follow to embed reviews on your source. First of all, there’s always an opportunity to use the API and add reviews with the help of a special programming tool. You can customize its appearance and behavior the way you wish, however, it’ll take a lot of time and effort.
At the same time, you have an opportunity to find a ready-made solution, called Trustpilot reviews widget. You’ll simply put all things together in a clear and comprehensible visual editor.

Add widget with reviews from Trustpilot

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a possibility to add your amazing rating with the help of a widget. You will never need to code or learn the basics of web design. You will find everything you need to create a feed of reviews in a visual editor.

Here’s how you can add Trustpilot reviews with the help of a widget in several easy steps:

  1. Choose the template which goes best with your website design and idea.
  2. Select Trustpilot as a source of reviews.
  3. Customize the slider (or badge): pick out the preferable layout, choose colors, manage fonts.
  4. Modify the review window the way you need: choose elements to show and set up the variant of presenting the text.
  5. Save the changes and copy the individual code.
  6. Open the admin panel of your website builder and decide where you want to present the widget (on a single page or on all pages, and you’ll need to go to the website template).
  7. Create an HTML field.
  8. Paste the installation code you’ve got there.
  9. That’s it! The review integration is completed successfully. Now, your Trustpilot reviews will appear on a website automatically, you won’t need to do anything manually.

When you choose a widget as an option, you get an opportunity to query reviews in your feed automatically. Also, you don’t have to know how to code, as you have an opportunity to put elements together in the most creative way and without any programming. Just using an intuitive visual editor, you’ll spend no time on studying API and designing the widget. Even if you are a professional web developer, this is a huge plus.

Here’s how you can create your review badge or slider in a few easy steps.

Choose a design template

First stage here is to choose a premade design. You can present a detailed and huge review window on a web page with the help of a Slider, Grid, Carousel, Masonry, or List template. You can also find a dark variation of these design models.

Choose source and add a URL

You should paste a URL to the required field on the source tab.

Modify layout

Ready-made templates don’t oblige you to use them as they are. You have an option to totally change their appearance by choosing different variants of layouts. Masonry will help you to present reviews in their full size and will organically combine them. List will align Trustpilot testimonials vertically. Badge is going to be a small and neat detail for a web page, Carousel will help to show a comprehensive review popup with arrows, Grid will organize reviews in equal grid cells.

What is more, there’s an option to change the width of the content area and design of the header.

Set up the appearance of reviews

You can switch on and off any of the numerous parts. For example, you can switch on or off Author name, picture, date of the publication, star rating, and logo of the review source. Additionally, review text can be presented long or short depending on your will.

Individualize the look

Feel like a natural-born designer and customize the appearance of your widget in seconds. You can even choose a ready color scheme, and change nothing – your Trustpilot reviews will look fantastic in any case.

Control the behavior of reviews

There are two main perks in using a widget instead of coding Trustpilot reviews slider yourself. First of all, you get star review snippets in SERP thanks to the built-in schema markup. The second main thing is that you can manage the behavior of the links: choose whether to open them in a new window or in the same one. Also, you can both enable and disable external links.

Embed Trustpilot Reviews with the help of an API

This method is free and opens a lot of possibilities to… professional web developers. If you have nothing to do with website programming, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the things which scare you to death, this integration approach is no good for you.


Having reviews on a web page increases trust to the brand and shortens the time before buying from the vendor. You can embed reviews on a website following two different ways: with the help of an API or with a widget. To save your time and money on a professional web developer, you’d better choose in favor of an All-in-One review widget and import Trustpilot rating there.

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