Embed Google Reviews on Any Website

Turn your customers’ feedback into a conversional element in three steps

1. Collect reviews on Google

Accumulate great feedback from your customers on your favorite websites. We'll take care of reviews later on.

2. Copy and paste links on reviews

Add testimonials to the widget by simply pasting their code. Customize them in a twist in a visual editor. Copy installation code after you're done.

3. Paste installation code to your website

No matter what website builder you use, the widget will look perfect anywhere. What is more, reviews will automatically fetch to it, you'll have to do nothing.

Create Google Reviews widget and add it to any website

Just try it out in online visual editor straight away

Google Reviews widget is special

Here’s what makes us think so

Tens of ready-made templates

Save your time and effort by choosing one of our numerous designs.

Automatic review fetching

You'll have nothing to do manually for reviews will timely fetch to the website.

Professional support team

Our specialists are 24/7 eager to help you with installation and customization.

Cloud solution

Google Reviews widget is updated on cloud servers. You automatically get the latest version of it.


You'll get a review snippet on Google Search Results Page, which will make your website stand out.

There is even more for you!

Smart color scheme generator
Custom CSS field
Affiliate program

Use case

There are many success stories of people using Google Reviews. Here’s one of them.

Meet John. He is a proud restaurant owner.

John runs a website by himself. He was eager to grow conversion and assure potential customers to enjoy his unique cuisine. His marketing specialist offered to add Google Reviews to the website, and it was the perfect solution for them. 

Conversion grew up to 24%, and website visitors never hesitated to book a table at his place.

Read his story first-hand.


Reputation management is very important, – says John.

  • People genuinely like to read about the customer experience of others, and positive reviews have a beneficial effect on conversion. Our recent clients shared a lot of their feedback on Google, and I thought it might be great to fetch those reviews to the website.
  • I have chosen this review widget because, first of all, I had nothing to do with coding. I simply added the link to the restaurant’s Google Reviews, slightly customized colors, and embedded the widget in my website template! That was it, and even a child could do it!

The widget really increased engagement!

Right after I added the reviews, my website performance started to grow rapidly. People spent much time looking through reviews and clicking on arrows. What is best, they started to book tables much more often!

Ecommerce transactions and revenue showed rising for >24%. This means people are interested in previous customer experience, and make purchase decisions on the basis of it. 



Want to have the same and even better results?


Yes, it is! The Review aggregator will look amazing on all devices from PCs to smartphones. Be sure this widget will never harm your website design. If you want to see it in action, you can use the special screen view option in the top right of our editor.

Yes, you have total freedom in moderating reviews, and there’s an opportunity to fetch only the best testimonials left by your community members.

The plugin now supports 28 sources: Arbnb, AliExpress, Amazon, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Booking, Capterra, DealerRater, eBay, Edmunds, Etsy, Facebook, G2, Google Place, Google Customer, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, OpenTable, Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Vrbo, Yelp, and Zillow. Find yours and fetch your amazing reviews from your favourite platform!

You can use Google My Business (GMB) – a free tool that allows business owners (or their representatives) to produce and verify their own data on Google. It is the simplest method to locate and follow your company’s feedback.

Google has zero tolerance for fraudulent reviews and reserves the right to remove any review that violates Google’s review policy. You may ask Google to delete the review which seems fake to you by clicking a More icon and marking the review as inappropriate. You can read about fake Google reviews in our article in greater detail.

You can create a widget in a visual editor, copy installation code, and paste it to the website HTML field. The whole process will take no more than three minutes and it will never require any coding. You can read a detailed instruction on our website.

What if we say there are more sources in the widget?

Choose any of them or add them all to your website


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