Embed Etsy Reviews
on a Website

In three steps your reviews will appear on a website

1. Get positive feedback on Etsy

Sell your amazing arts and get social proof. We’ll look after reviews afterwards.

2. Add them to Reviews widget

Copy link to the source you wish to present. Lightly customize the feed.

3. Add widget to the website

You’ll get two lines of code which you should embed in a website template.

Create Etsy Reviews widget and embed it anywhere

Select one of the numerous designs and easily customize it in visual editor

Etsy Reviews change everything

Here are the key features of the widget for you to try

Creative designs

You are going to love numerous templates that are easy to tailor.

Automatic review gathering

Etsy reviews fetch to your website regularly without any manual work.

Professional support

Drop us a line if any questions with installation or customization appear. They’ll answer quickly and accurately.

Cloud app

Etsy Reviews is a cloud solution. It means we update it on servers and every time we do it you get the freshest version of it.


After adding a review widget to the website, you’ll get a fine bonus: a star rating on the search result page.

Review moderation

Choose only five-star reviews with filters. Website visitors will only see the best testimonials on your gorgeous handicrafts.

There’s so much more in the widget!

Intelligent color scheme generator
Custom CSS field
Affiliate Program

Use case

Putting customer reviews to the website helps to achieve amazing results in engagement and revenue. We’ve heard many success stories, here’s one.

Cho is an admired around the world artist. She runs an Etsy shop and sells unique custom jewelry.

All her items are handmade with love and passion, and she’s got tons of five-star reviews on Etsy. When she launched her beautiful website, everything was fine. However, she knew something was missing.

  • Everything was easy when I started to sell on Etsy. In a couple of years after launching, my shop blossomed into a very successful store. Etsy was regularly featuring my jewelry on the front page, and I got tons of good reviews.
  • It all changed when the COVID crisis collapsed. I knew for sure that my way out was to create a website in support of the Etsy shop. Things went ok, my old customers continued to buy from this store. But there was still something lacking.
  • Finally, I found the missing clue! They were reviews. My customers continued to leave testimonials on Etsy every time they bought from the shop, but new customers didn’t know about it. They even thought that my store was a fraud and that it existed for several days. Fortunately, I’ve found the Etsy Reviews widget to fetch testimonials to the website. It now helps my business to better present my beautiful customers’ opinions.

The widget actually increased sales!

  • It was easy to deal with the Reviews. There were myriads of pre-made designs which made it easy to introduce the widget to the website.
  • I have attached the scroll and click map, because I’m so proud that people read each others’ testimonials, share their feedback and lovely stories. Engagement grew, and now new customers buy twice as much as last year. I’m beyond happy to say that revenue had risen more than 20%.


Want to have such results? Add Etsy Reviews to a website


Yes, without a doubt! You may utilize the screen view option in the upper right of the editor to verify how the reviews appear on different devices. You’ll notice that the reviews slider appears great on all devices, including mobile phones and desktop computers.

Yes, the review moderation feature is accessible. You may choose just reviews with a specific rating, such as only 5-star reviews. They’ll instantly show in your widget on your website after you obtain them from Etsy.

There are presently 28 sources supported by the plugin: Arbnb, AliExpress, Amazon, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Booking, Capterra, DealerRater, eBay, Edmunds, Etsy, Facebook, G2, Google Place, Google Customer, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, OpenTable, Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Vrbo, Yelp, and Zillow. There will be even more after a while. Find yours, combine them all in one feed and design them the way you wish!

Yes, you will! After publishing the widget on your website, star rating will appear in SERP as well.

We have even more for you

This review widget includes 25+ review platforms. Find yours and unite them all in the review feed.


Ready to add Etsy Reviews to website?