Embed Amazon Reviews on a Website

After completing these steps, you’ll see reviews on a website in minutes

1. Collect positive reviews on Amazon

Sell distinguished products in your Amazon store and accumulate positive comments from grateful clients

2. Copy link to your store to the widget

Paste the URL to the widget in a visual editor and slightly customize the chosen template.

3. Embed the installation code in the website

Add Amazon content that speaks for your brand. Prove you are trustworthy to potential customers.

Create Amazon Reviews widget and add it to any website template

Just choose your favourite template and customize it in visual editor

Amazon Reviews make the difference

Here are the key features of the widget for you to try

Numerous templates for any use case

Ready-prepared designs are at hand for any of your wishes.

Regular automated review collecting

Reviews left by your loyal customers will fetch to your website automatically.

Dedicated support

Specialists of ours will be happy to help you with installation, customization and any other topics.

Cloud app

Amazon Reviews are located on a cloud, which means you’ll get the latest version of the app as soon as it’s updated.


Add Reviews to your website and you’ll see a rich snippet in SERP. Star rating will allocate the website among others.

Review moderation

You can fetch only the best testimonials to the widget and show them on web pages. It’ll bring more trust to your products.

We've got a lot more perks for you

Smart color scheme creator Custom CSS field and Affiliate Program

Use case

People handling review widgets can tell a lot of success stories. Amazon Reviews boost engagement, credibility, and gross sales. Learn how.

Leo is an honored eshop owner. He sells exclusive Pokemon species – the most sought-after toys on Shopify.

He runs both an Amazon shop and an ecommerce website. His store on an AMZ marketplace is well-known among loyal fans of the famous universe. Although his website was great, too, conversions were low.

  • I’m passionate about Pokemons, and started to run an Amazon store to share my enthusiasm with the world. Soon, it became very popular, I got many tons of great ratings, social proof, and I decided to build a website in support of Amazon shop. 
  • Being a marketing specialist in an IT company, I know for sure what metrics to measure in website success. Well, things were pretty good, until I noticed that sales were low in relation to site visits.
  • The Amazon reviews widget was the first thing I thought about. I worked with reputation management, and know how beneficial it is for business. User generated content is unique and authentic. Reviews left by recent customers increase credibility of the brand in the eyes of prospects and influence their purchase decisions. Posting Amazon Reviews on a website might increase engagement and conversions.
  • I chose this review widget because it was intuitive, I didn’t do any coding and found tons of pre-made designs.        
  • The widget really increased engagement!
  • I could see a huge increase in leads, site visits. People now spend much more time on a website, sticking around for a few seconds on the reviews. This can be seen on the scroll and click map. 
  • What is more, ecommerce transactions and revenue showed rising for 24%. This means people are interested in previous customer experience, and make purchase decisions on the basis of it.


Want to have such results? Install Amazon Reviews on a website


Yes, be sure it is! If you want to check the reviews appearance on different devices, you can make use of a screen view option in the top right of the editor. You’ll see that the reviews slider looks amazing on all screens: from mobile to PCs.

Yes, the function of review moderation is available. You can choose only reviews with a certain rating, for example, only 5-star ones. After you get them on Amazon, they’ll automatically appear in your widget published on your website.

The plugin now supports 28 sources: Arbnb, AliExpress, Amazon, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Booking, Capterra, DealerRater, eBay, Edmunds, Etsy, Facebook, G2, Google Place, Google Customer, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, OpenTable, Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Vrbo, Yelp, and Zillow. There will be even more after a while. Find yours, combine them all in one feed and design them the way you wish!

Yes, you will! After publishing the widget on your website, star rating will appear in SERP as well.

You can simply create a widget with the help of our service. Choose a ready-made template, customize it the way you wish, add link to your Amazon reviews. Afterwards copy installation code and paste it to HTML of your web page. Your amazing reviews will appear on a website as soon as this! To read about this method in full detail, you can get acquainted with our guide on the website.

We've got even more for you

This widget includes 25+ review platforms. Find yours and unite them all in the review feed.


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